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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sew Southern Quilts

My shop will be on VACATION MODE for an extended period of time. I thank you very much for your purchases and hope to be back on-line in the near future.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crazy Quilt Block from long ago

Great Grandmother's hand work framed for me. I was named after Malissa Ann, born Jan 6, 1868 in Wirt Co. West Virginia. Her first husband was a Hickerson (thus the initials M.A.H)  This little piece is over 100 years old and was just falling apart. I took it out of my storage tub and I was heartsick..., I was so afraid it would fall apart like paper. As it was, little pieces of the silk were disintegrated and just fell to the floor when I opened the tissue paper. I showed it to Mr. with tears in my eyes and he took it to a local frame shop to see if she could save it. What a miracle, she was able to save it for me and told Mr. this was the most delicate and fragile piece she has ever worked with.
Robert and Drusilla McBride Monroe and two of their daughters. Malissa is sitting on her Fathers lap and I can not read the second name.

I am so blessed to have this little quilt. I will treasure it forever.

Monday, October 10, 2016

I found a new friend in Flannel!!

I have found my new friend in the world of fabric... Flannel!! Designers as well as the fabric industry has given us a whole new look in "beautiful" flannels that look like wool and handle applique like batiks. I still use hand dyed wool, although very beautiful it is also a bit pricey when working on a large project. Discovering these new flannels and  how well they work give me new inspiration for fall and winter projects.  I love the ability to use a combination of wool, flannel and quality cotton fabrics in my wall hangings, table toppers and table runners. Here are a few of the new items I have made using these flannels. I just love them. Stop by the shop and check out the latest creations. Sew Southern Quilts

Here is a link to the beautiful fabrics:
Wool and Needle Flannels by Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop ,and Woolies Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan  AND Cottonworks Woven by Minick and Simpson

Some of my creations are below using cotton backgrounds and flannel and wool applique.

Stop by the shop and say hello. Sew Southern Quilts Click on the link for new fall home d├ęcor.