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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

North South East & West where does your personal compass lead you?



Wow, really? April was my last post!

In hindsight my personal compass was accurate. I have meet wonderful people and experienced new places in the past few months, life is grand if you live it and let your compass lead you.

It is impossible to cover all the events life has brought my way since April nor to define what lead me to embrace new missions; so I'll share a little bit and hope you allow your personal compass to lead you to new adventures also. Share your strengths and talents God has given you with someone else. You don't have to know "exactly" where you're going to have a beautiful ride in life.

One of the most beautiful things in life is a new life. We have a new baby in our family, our first Great Grand!

Quilts of Valor
Doris S and I took on Quilts of Valor (QOV) in our little town of Crossville, TN when the leader of the group stepped down. Between the two of us and a group of approximately 25 wonderful women volunteering hours of their time, made and presented over 35 quilts to veterans in Cumberland County and the surrounding area between April and November of this year. QOV has to be one of the most rewarding missions I have experienced to date. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking back I didn't know where this new calling would lead me but I am so happy I followed. I stepped down as co-leader of the QOV this month since we winter in AZ but I will be back in the spring and sew with the girls again. I am so happy the group is going strong and the veterans lives we touch with a quilted hug and a thank you is so rewarding to me. I am excited to have met some girls in the park here in AZ that sew for QOV so I will sew with them.


This summer we toured all over TN on the motorcycle and enjoyed the beautiful state we live in. I love quilts and quilt barns, I am not even going to begin to post all of our finds but I have to say, it is a beautiful journey on the bike with a camera and a hubby who will stop for a picture of a barn in the hills of TN. (okay, okay, so he slowed down and I had my camera on action shots due to the constant movement of the bike, we know how men are. I hear "Oh, was I supposed to stop?")


My Etsy shop has been neglected for a long time, I hope to get back to it soon but for now I'll continue this journey while I can. I continue to sew and every now and then add something new to the shop. I'll post some of my projects soon. Enjoy your day and follow your personal compass.
 Share with me your adventures and projects.



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