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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter and Quilting

Sometimes I really don't mind the cold, wet days. We really haven't had a hard winter so far; lots of single digits (okay, for TN that's Cold) and A Lot of RAIN, but nothing that a little bit of sunshine and a sewing machine cant fix. I found time to make a few things...

I love my customers, someone asked me to make a rooster and I was excited to find in my STASH, red barn wood fabric, feather fabric and gold crackle!! They challenge me but I am always up for a challenge! I just bought these tags also, see the milk can and sunflowers, I knew I would  have a use for them.
Love blue and gold and the hang tag on this one is a mason jar with sunflowers.

I made a carpenters wheel block for our home, I have a rustic black frame for this.
We are starting a row by row quilt with one of the groups I sew with, this is my first row!! I'll hand it off to 8 others and I cant wait to see what they will do!!

 Well, I have someone's attention, my pretty girl Scarlet. She will spend the entire day with me sorting fabrics.


This was a table runner I made for my daughter. I think he is so cute.

A Mason Jar Mini Quilt, I want to make one for myself. This one is SOLD
I made Mr. arm chair covers for his ~favorite~ reading chair.
Buddy the Christmas kitty has made himself at home in my room also. He loves my mini quilts!

Scarlet is not so impressed with his sorting of mini quilts, LOL I love that face! Who says cats don't have personalities? Mine  have attitudes!!
Always such a beautiful site. Enjoy the day and stay warm.


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