Rusty Crow Primitives

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quilts of Valor Presentations this weekend

I was so honored this weekend to present two quilts to two honorable WWII veterans. The first was to Mr. Mervin Towers a Navy Veteran and the second was to Mr. Andrew Dolan an Army Air Corp veteran.

It is an honor and privilege to meet these men and present them a quilt made by many hands for this special day. I work with QOV volunteers who cut out the quilt blocks, others sew them together with prayers and thoughts of their own loved ones who have served in wars; then another will quilt the quilt with love and binding stitches to hold all three layers together; the last job is to bind the quilt and add a label with needle and thread, all done by hand. All the time the quilt is moving thru many hands rich in tradition to wrap that special solder in warmth and love. It is a heartwarming project and very rewarding to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice for us and to this great country. We thank each and everyone of you men and women.

I am proud to introduce to you Mr. Towers and Mr. Dolan.

Mr.  Towers, US Navy WWII veteran was resting when Doris Smith and I arrived at his home. Mr. Towers was very happy and surprised by the quilt. He is a lovely man and so appreciative to receive the quilt. I hear he is using it everyday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dolan and thank you to Joy McKeel for helping me with the presentation (far left) 

Myself, Mr. Dolan and George McKeel.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Made my 1,000 th Sale on ETSY today!!

I reached a MAJOR milestone and I am so excited!! I opened my shop Sew Southern Quilts on ETSY in Oct of 2010 with just a few items and big dreams. I work hard and believe in quality service and a quality product. But the biggest thing is I believed in myself and took a shot at it.  I have  learned through trial and error and lots of  feedback from my customers and this has given me confidence to continue.


I not only sold 1000 items on ETSY but to think every last one of them was handmade by myself or my husband. This alone is amazing to me.  Looking back thru my items sold, I noticed how I have grown over the years and my style is more specific now. See sold items ( SALES) We are unbelievably blessed with the success of this little home-based business and want to give a great big shout out to all of you for making it such a success. Thank YOU!! Without you, none of this would have been possible.

My 1000th customer was Rachel Allen a fellow ETSY seller who owns Knitting Pretty Shop   . Stop by and see what she has to offer. Thank you Rachel and congratulations on being my 1000th customer. Rachel received her purchase of a thread catcher as a gift from Sew Southern Quilts.

THANK YOU as well to all who have been so faithful to me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter and Quilting

Sometimes I really don't mind the cold, wet days. We really haven't had a hard winter so far; lots of single digits (okay, for TN that's Cold) and A Lot of RAIN, but nothing that a little bit of sunshine and a sewing machine cant fix. I found time to make a few things...

I love my customers, someone asked me to make a rooster and I was excited to find in my STASH, red barn wood fabric, feather fabric and gold crackle!! They challenge me but I am always up for a challenge! I just bought these tags also, see the milk can and sunflowers, I knew I would  have a use for them.
Love blue and gold and the hang tag on this one is a mason jar with sunflowers.

I made a carpenters wheel block for our home, I have a rustic black frame for this.
We are starting a row by row quilt with one of the groups I sew with, this is my first row!! I'll hand it off to 8 others and I cant wait to see what they will do!!

 Well, I have someone's attention, my pretty girl Scarlet. She will spend the entire day with me sorting fabrics.


This was a table runner I made for my daughter. I think he is so cute.

A Mason Jar Mini Quilt, I want to make one for myself. This one is SOLD
I made Mr. arm chair covers for his ~favorite~ reading chair.
Buddy the Christmas kitty has made himself at home in my room also. He loves my mini quilts!

Scarlet is not so impressed with his sorting of mini quilts, LOL I love that face! Who says cats don't have personalities? Mine  have attitudes!!
Always such a beautiful site. Enjoy the day and stay warm.