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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Plateau Sassy Stitchers Show and Tell - Lots of eye Candy at our Christmas Party

People are much like fabrics in a quilt, some are bright, some are medium and some are dark; some sit quietly and others are bright and loud, even the quiet neutrals are much needed to make a quilt, without them the other fabrics in the quilt would go unnoticed. Value each for their individuality and appreciate the role each plays to make all the pieces a whole.
Are you ready? Lots of Show and Tell from the Plateau Sassy Stitcher's to follow. I love these ladies, there is so much to learn from each of them and as you will see each has a style of quilting as unique as each personality.
Lots of eye Candy to follow, Thank you Barb G for the sweet lollipops.

Dawn hand stitched a redwork pillow as a gift for someone, what a wonderful gift.

Barb G made numerous window pane quilts this year for her family. This one is her spring version. So beautiful.

Jackie made a quilt with a panel. Again, the detail is not showing up well in the picture. A lovey gift for her husband.

Ginny has such an eye for color and detail, this picture does not do her quilt justice. Her piecing is so precise and the fabrics used for the trees are jut beautiful.

One of 3 beautiful Civil War quilts Doris has completed this year. I LOVE IT. If you could only see the detail in each block. Amazing!

Another award winning quilt by Katherine, she is so eclectic.
Katherine has a eye for beautiful colors and can make a work of ART from fabric!

Ruth, your hand work is amazing. This is one of many quilt blocks Ruth is working on, we cant wait to see the quilt.

A commissioned T-Shirt quilt for a customers daughter. Beautiful work Barb L.

Katherine's award winning quilt titled "You cant see the forest for the leaves". If you were able to zoom in you would see the tiny, tiny little maple leaves within each big maple leaf.

Lorrie your work is just beautiful!  I want all of her quilts and she is also a longarm quilter!

Another  beautiful quilt by Lorrie. If you could only see the quilting on this one!

Quilt Blocks contributed by Plateau  Sassy Stitchers, Rose put them together and quilted them for the Welcome Center where we meet.

Quilt Blocks contributed by Plateau  Sassy Stitchers, Rose put them together and quilted them for the Welcome Center where we meet.

Happy Feet
Back left to Right: Linda, Barb L, Verda, Rose, Doris, Dawn, Ruth, Barb G.
Floor left to right: Ginny, Lorrie, Katherine, Jackie, Melissa
The picture I should show is of us rolling around on the floor to get up!! LOL,,, But that would show me also rolling around so I'll pass the embarrassment of it all.
Merry Christmas girls!!  

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