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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Sew Southern Quilts

Merry Christmas!!

 I love Christmas and decorating with those cherished items that bring back wonderful memories of Christmas' past. I never have been a themed type of decorator, nothing flashy and bright, nothing in bold and crazy colors, just homey and simple. These sentimental ornaments, books and cards from years past still bring me joy. But.... I have found a new kind of old fashioned, I have fallen in love with Primitive but not too prim. What does that mean? I don't want to say its so "ugly" its cute kind of primitive, but just country cute primitive. A touch of farmhouse, a sprinkle of gingerbread and a dash cinnamon, pip berries and evergreens.

Here are some of my creations as well as some adorable items I have purchased from my talented friends.

 Angel Ornies and Santa Ornies bowl fillers, made by me.

Vintage bobbin Christmas Tree made by me.

Mitten made by my friend Joanna filled with tiny cinnamon gingerbread men.

Top Hat with Snowman and rusty bell made by Linda W. The tea light flickers.

Another one of Joanna's creations, I just love it.

Gingerbread man in a old crock, made again by Joanna W.
I found this old market basket in a garage and the yellow is so unusual, I just fill it with whatever, add a candle and a wreath and call it Christmas.

To all my customers, I thank you for all of your support and wonderful feedback this past year. You make what I do so rewarding. This coming year is going to be a little different for me. I am going to close my shop ( Sew Southern Quilts on ETSY) from mid February thru September and reopen in October with a full shop of seasonal items. This will give me time with family and enjoying these beautiful mountains we live in.

I will continue to blog and I plan to have tutorials as well as free patterns on my blog for your sewing enjoyment.

Have a Blessed Christmas.
Melissa and Steve

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Plateau Sassy Stitchers Show and Tell - Lots of eye Candy at our Christmas Party

People are much like fabrics in a quilt, some are bright, some are medium and some are dark; some sit quietly and others are bright and loud, even the quiet neutrals are much needed to make a quilt, without them the other fabrics in the quilt would go unnoticed. Value each for their individuality and appreciate the role each plays to make all the pieces a whole.
Are you ready? Lots of Show and Tell from the Plateau Sassy Stitcher's to follow. I love these ladies, there is so much to learn from each of them and as you will see each has a style of quilting as unique as each personality.
Lots of eye Candy to follow, Thank you Barb G for the sweet lollipops.

Dawn hand stitched a redwork pillow as a gift for someone, what a wonderful gift.

Barb G made numerous window pane quilts this year for her family. This one is her spring version. So beautiful.

Jackie made a quilt with a panel. Again, the detail is not showing up well in the picture. A lovey gift for her husband.

Ginny has such an eye for color and detail, this picture does not do her quilt justice. Her piecing is so precise and the fabrics used for the trees are jut beautiful.

One of 3 beautiful Civil War quilts Doris has completed this year. I LOVE IT. If you could only see the detail in each block. Amazing!

Another award winning quilt by Katherine, she is so eclectic.
Katherine has a eye for beautiful colors and can make a work of ART from fabric!

Ruth, your hand work is amazing. This is one of many quilt blocks Ruth is working on, we cant wait to see the quilt.

A commissioned T-Shirt quilt for a customers daughter. Beautiful work Barb L.

Katherine's award winning quilt titled "You cant see the forest for the leaves". If you were able to zoom in you would see the tiny, tiny little maple leaves within each big maple leaf.

Lorrie your work is just beautiful!  I want all of her quilts and she is also a longarm quilter!

Another  beautiful quilt by Lorrie. If you could only see the quilting on this one!

Quilt Blocks contributed by Plateau  Sassy Stitchers, Rose put them together and quilted them for the Welcome Center where we meet.

Quilt Blocks contributed by Plateau  Sassy Stitchers, Rose put them together and quilted them for the Welcome Center where we meet.

Happy Feet
Back left to Right: Linda, Barb L, Verda, Rose, Doris, Dawn, Ruth, Barb G.
Floor left to right: Ginny, Lorrie, Katherine, Jackie, Melissa
The picture I should show is of us rolling around on the floor to get up!! LOL,,, But that would show me also rolling around so I'll pass the embarrassment of it all.
Merry Christmas girls!!  

Bittersweet - LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, RIDE

Going, going, gone...

Bittersweet day, we sold our motorhome of over10 years. We had lots of great times and wonderful friendships developed from our time on the road and the nice thing is the friendships still remain today. Time for a new phase in our lives. We spend more time in the TN mountains and loving our new home (okay 5 years now but still loving it!)  than we do on the road anymore. We are excited about our new adventures to come.
My granddaughter would ask if we were going to take the "Holiday Inn" when we traveled instead of the Holiday Rambler.

New Rides, New Adventures are around every corner..





Our first scheduled 2015 Rally event for Tuesday, May 26th will be a $10,000, 100% payout Poker Run for pre-registered guests! The route will be 100% rural and 0% urban, and we will be taking you to some of our favorite destinations. Everybody is a winner riding the Upper Cumberland, and some lucky rider will pad their pockets with a lot of dough! You know what they say- you can't win if you don't must Pre-Register to participate

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Kitty - Twas the Week Before Christmas

This little kitty was on the roof of a car at one of the busiest intersections in Crossville. The light changed and off he slid. He has 6 toes on each of his front paws and a target on each side. It must be true cats have 9 lives. This little guy is down to eight now and may run out fast if he continues to get on top of my car. You would think he would have learned his lesson, don't get on top of cars!!
Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all thru the town
Traffic was flying and not a car was slowing down.

Not a creature was stirring not even the cat,
He held tight to what he could but sure enough he fell flat.

 Traffic moved swift and he darted slow
 from tire to tire he would go.

I covered my eyes to avoid what I would see.
 For the tires were closer than he should be.

  But alas to my wondering eye did appear
but an orange cat with a 6 toes and a saved rear.

 He ran to the store so swift and so fast,
he avoided my first attempt at a grasp.

I called him Buddy and he came without a hiss or a fight
only curling up in my arms with  purring delight.

My husband was with me and stirred up a fuss
No more cats he said not even this puss

 I emerged from the stores and returned to the truck
 To find my husband charmed by my luck.

This little kitty would love him and purred with delight
 to know he saved him from a horrific plight.

Merry Christmas from Buddy, the Christmas Kitty

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blue Sky Riders, Kenny Loggins in Cumberland Caverns

I love this time of the year, the decorating, the cooking and eating all those wonderful foods of the holiday season, AND getting out of those tight jeans and into those stretchy pants when I get home!!

 Someone told me you are only as busy as you want to be so obviously I truly WANT to be busy.

So much has happened in the last month and more to come in January so I'll bring you up to date with just a few pictures.

Mr. took me to see Blue Sky Riders featuring Kenny Loggins (yes I am dating myself) in the Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, TN. I have to warn you, if you are claustrophobic this is not a venue for you. Not that it is tight quarters by no means, you are just 333 feet "underground" and walk past waterfalls and pools of water to a natural amphitheater called the Volcano Room for the concert. It is a wonderful experience and we plan to go again; if you are in TN you must visit the Cumberland Caverns.

See the entrance to the cave? I don't either! I thought we were early!! NOT

This is the entrance to the Cavern.

Beautiful pools of water underground, see the people on the left above the pool? We are making our way to the volcano room.

What a view.. after walking through the cavern like little ants in a line, you make a turn and this is what you see! The beautiful chandelier and the Volcano Room. So worth it!!

The famous Grand Lady of the Volcano Room. Suspended sixty feet above the Volcano Room floor, she casts a beautiful glow throughout the room.The Chandelier originally came from the Lowes Metropolitan Theater in Brooklyn New York. She hung there from 1928 until she was purchased by Roy Daves for Cumberland Caverns in the early eighties.

The acoustics are amazing.

Blue Sky Riders featuring Kenny Loggins

Gary Burr ,(hmm Santa?) Kenny Loggins and Georgia Burr

Mr and I. I love you and thank you for a nice day and wonderful early Christmas present.