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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November ?? Really

I can not believe how long it has been since I have posted. I'm not sure myself where the time has gone. The last couple of months we have been busy with life I guess. My husband and I volunteer with different organizations as well as our church, maybe we have been working harder than we thought. We have had so many projects going on at the same time and I haven't had time to do a lot of sewing. I'm back in my sewing room for now but had to put the Olde Rusty Crow Primitives on hold until next year. Sorry for the delay but you know how it is... there are only so many hours in a day.

We had our first snow November 1st! Yep, it's going to be a crazy winter I think. The trees haven't dropped all their leaves and we had our first little snow!! The dusting of snow was pretty on the greens, reds, and gold leaves but what is so much better is it is GONE!! Love those types of snow days. To many years of it in Kansas and dealing with drifts on the farm. This old gal is happy to be back in the south.
Steve Wesley's photo.

We have been riding the motorcycle with a new Harley group we joined out of Cookeville, TN. They had a toy drive in Nashville, TN (similar to shop with a cop) I understand there were 800 ++ riders involved. Have you ever heard 800 LOUD Harleys in one place? Thunder is an understatement.
Steve Wesley's photo.
Mr, and "one" of his bikes. I know you didn't say I have to many sewing machines.

  It was 36 degrees when we left Crossville at 6:30 am for Nashville, TN.  Oh my God! Why did we say we would do this? Mail a check already!! I looked like the "Michelin Man" with jeans, chaps, sweatshirt, leather coat...&. gloves...

Mr. tells me he's ready to ride and for me to get on the bike... Really? I cant even squat much less throw a leg over the bike!! Ugh... I did it. Okay,,, now I have to go the bathroom, it took so long to get all this on and I have a two hour ride ahead of me. I'll be right back.

I am so glad we participated in the ride. Boswells of Nashville has sponsored this for a number of years. The event was very well organized and 100's of riders of all ages, makes of bikes and from all over TN. The local police blocked off the side roads and all the bikes road through downtown Nashville; people lined the streets to see all the riders. We were escorted through the side road of the Titans Stadium to one of Boswells Harley shops for a wonderful lunch provided by Boswells.
Photo: Come out this Saturday, Oct. 25th to Boswell's 20th Annual Toy Parade! This is the 20th consecutive year of this parade benefitting the Metro Police Christmas Basket Program! Cash donation and Educational Toy requested! Ride for a great cause! All Riders Welcome!! 
Ride departs Centennial Park @1pm and ends at Boswell's H-D on Fesslers Lane for an after party! Don't miss out!

On the way home it was so much warmer, just a light weight jean jacket. Climbing the mountain on the way back home would be cold. Awesome day. So glad I didn't just mail a check.
Mr and myself
Two by Two for MILES
Downtown Nashville
Enjoy the day, I have a few projects (sewing) I'm working on and will share them soon.

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