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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day - Thanks to ALL Vets for all YOU do for us.

I am so proud of the men and women in my life who have served in the military. I wish I had a picture of my nephew, who served 10 years in the Army and his wife who served 20 years in the Army. Thank you to my husband, my father and my father-in-law.

If you are not from a military family the lifestyle can be hard to understand to a civilian. There are numerous moves to distant locations, discipline with-in the family, obedience and respect for all cultures and nationalities.  I think a tolerance for people different than we are comes from such a diverse upbringing. It is all good! Have you ever said, or heard someone say. They must have been in military, that's why they "act" like that?  I take that comment as a complement. See below to explain "why they act like that".

Steve Wesley 20 years Navy (my husband)

John R Hammett 20 Years Air Force (my father)

Francis L Wesley - US Army (my father-in-law)

To all my Brother and Sisters who are Veterans,
The world (as we know it) will never understand the relationship that we have. They will never understand that we have each other's six. They will never understand why we do and act the way we do. They will never understand where we have been or where we are going.

The world has its ways and we have our ways. We get there 15 mins early because late is not a option. We wear our clothes the way they are meant to be worn. We talk our own language because it's the way we were taught.
We respect those appointed over us because they earned it. We run to the sound of the battle not from it. We go even when we are sick something the world doesn't understand.

Yes we are a special bred of people. Who don't have to be told twice. We complete the mission or die trying. We never complain to those under us. We stand together shoulder to shoulder.

You maybe Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force but most of all you gave it all no matter what. We lost some along the way who paid the ultimate price so the World can do the things it does.

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