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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm trying to get my ducks in row but I keep herding cats instead!

I'm not sure where the weeks go but it is almost the 4th of July and I'm still trying to get my ducks in a row from Winter! 

I start out with a daily plan, a well developed and organized plan mind you; then before I know it I have forgotten about my ducks and I'm herding cats!!


My sewing room is covered with projects and my well organized plan is in the litter box right now. So I'll take a break and share with you some of the goings on around here.
Remodeling- we are working on an addition of a sun-room off the kitchen/dining room. (should be done this week!!)

Mr is painting ~another room for me~~ (spring cleaning)

Completed a special order for a special customer.

Ginny, a good friend and fellow quilter brought over a beautiful civil war quilt she is working on. This is one of the blocks,I just love it,  her work is so beautiful.

I cleaned and weeded the garden in the back and ran into Mr Mole. He has eaten just about everything in my flower garden and we have danced the two step for the last time, me pushing down mole hills all over the yard and garden and Mr Mole returning with a vengeance the next day.

 Remember the game Whack a Mole? Well, lets just say I won!(I never thought there was a skill or a lesson to learn from these games but.....) It kind of makes you think, are there lessons to be learned from other games?

Candy Land, Battle Ship, High Ho Cherry O. Whats that all about? 
For sale: Game: Electronic Whac-A-Mole on online kids' consignment store
Okay, back to my completed projects. I love this one myself. All are seasonal quilts for that special customer.

Enjoy summer!! More to come soon on additional projects and adventures. 

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