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Monday, April 21, 2014

There's no place like home!!

 There's no place like home!! We are ~home~ in Crossville, TN from Topeka, KS I guess these slippers work in reverse too!

 We arrived home Tuesday afternoon after 3 weeks in Kansas prepping for the auction. What an adventure that was; there was so much to sell the auction went for two days. My sister-in-law from Kentucky and I thought we had gone thru just about everything we may want or would like to preserve for the family prior to the auction. But oh no, that was not the case. We found things in the yard we had not seen and had to buy them back. LOL  We registered for a bidding number and off we went. To Our Own Auction!



One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me three?", "Going once, going twice, sold!"

SOLD!! We thank you for coming to the auction; we hope you get home with everything!

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  1. I have an old slop jar just like the one on the table, it was my grandmas.