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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Art of Quilting - more than the facade

As you know we are in Topeka, KS preparing for an auction. I had some time in the morning to myself,  Mr.  had a full day with attorneys, realtors and tax accountants.  So I grabbed my camera and played tourist.  One can't help but notice all the architectural detail in the buildings and on the façade of these beautiful buildings.

Have you noticed how architectural details are very much like quilts? I spent the entire morning  taking pictures of iron railings, facades of buildings, beautiful doors and even stained glass windows.

So many people say choosing the fabric is the most difficult aspect of quilting.  For me I don't feel the quilt is complete unless I add a quilt block to applique, or applique a border to a beautiful collection of blocks. I love the detail in the architectural aspects of old buildings as in quilts. Look deeper than  the surface of what ever inspires you. Grab your camera and spend a day enjoying the craftsmanship of a period we no longer see in buildings.  Look for the details in tile, the curves in iron work, the symmetry that will make your quilt a beautiful piece of art. The art of quilting is more than the façade.


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