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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Look Twice Save a Life - Motorcycles are Everywhere!


It was a bit chilly for a ride but it was also good to get back on the road again.  We sold our bike when we moved to TN and Mr. came across a deal he could not refuse! I had to admit, I missed our bike too.

Mr. loves his new toy!

Quick visit to the Harley shop and museum.

Oh my gosh, do you remember these? Why did coke always taste better from these? Price .35 cents

Good meal on a cold day. So, we spent the afternoon with old friends and some new friends riding the roads in Kansas. Brian found a place for lunch serving BBQ pork as well as turkey. Very good food and nice and warm in the restaurant. Note to self: I need my chaps if we do this again while we are here.

Mr. checking out the Harley Museum.
I hope you stay alert for motorcycles when on the road. We certainly do, we are constantly on the watch for you. Yesterday, our first ride of the season three bikes and 6 people, we rode 3 staggered. Traveling on a local highway we went from 4 lanes to 2; out of the blue we had a woman pass the back bike, meeting a truck head-on, she had so little time to pass and cut between the last bike and us to whip out again and pass us as well as the lead bike (knuckleheads are everywhere!). She did all this to get to a little grocery store not 2 miles down the road! Our guardian angels were with us, please stay alert.

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