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Monday, April 21, 2014

There's no place like home!!

 There's no place like home!! We are ~home~ in Crossville, TN from Topeka, KS I guess these slippers work in reverse too!

 We arrived home Tuesday afternoon after 3 weeks in Kansas prepping for the auction. What an adventure that was; there was so much to sell the auction went for two days. My sister-in-law from Kentucky and I thought we had gone thru just about everything we may want or would like to preserve for the family prior to the auction. But oh no, that was not the case. We found things in the yard we had not seen and had to buy them back. LOL  We registered for a bidding number and off we went. To Our Own Auction!



One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two? Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me three?", "Going once, going twice, sold!"

SOLD!! We thank you for coming to the auction; we hope you get home with everything!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilting on the Square, Holton, KS

There are so many quilt shops in Kansas and each is so unique in their own respect. Don't believe me? "Google" quilt shops in North East Kansas and your week is full, you can shop hop until to drop.
 Joyce, a friend of mine and I took one morning and stopped at two shops, Stitching Traditions (see previous post) and then to Holton, KS to visit Quilting on the Square. 
 Joyce nor I have been in Holton in a while and thought this would be a great shop to visit.  Oh my gosh, talking with Mark & Mary Pfeiler and Connie Morgan was like old home week.  (as a side note) Mr. was in the Navy with Mark and I use to work with Mary years ago. Connie and Mary have been an inspiration to me from the beginning. I joined Calico Quilt Guild in Holton many years ago; between the two of them introducing me to quilting and giving me confidence in my ability to do more than the basic quilting has led me to open my own shop and love the art of quilting. I love these ladies.
A beautiful Kansas windy day in spring. Joyce and I had a wonderful time and a great lunch, thank you Joyce.

 Quilting on the Square is one of my favorites.  Mark and Mary Pfeiler own the shop and Connie Morgan has been with them from the start. They are so dedicated to making sure your first experience in quilting is a good one and when you are ready for the next technique they are ready, willing and able to help you. This is a Judy Niemeyer certified shop and the quilts and kits they have are unbelievable.  Mary even designs her own quilts and has her published patterns available in her shop.

Can you believe this quilt is just triangles and squares?  They have kits and will mail them, Lucky for me, I miss this caliber of shop and we don't have it in our immediate area. This is a little gem.
 I want, I want

Oh my gosh, look at the quilts!
I had to buy this kit.  It looked rusty orange on the package but it is full of burgundy, gold and cream fabrics. Love it!
Somehow I have found time to do some quilting!!
Still need to hand sew the binding.

I forgot to bring the binding for this one, oh well. It is done all but the binding.
A civil war quilt I have had for a ~a few years~. Almost done!

I started my "Great Pumpkin" blocks. I traced 8 for applique and have two on the foundation ready for applique.

ALL DONE!! A special order for a customer.
Happy quilting, auction tomorrow, wish us luck. I'll be home next week!


The Art of Quilting - more than the facade

As you know we are in Topeka, KS preparing for an auction. I had some time in the morning to myself,  Mr.  had a full day with attorneys, realtors and tax accountants.  So I grabbed my camera and played tourist.  One can't help but notice all the architectural detail in the buildings and on the façade of these beautiful buildings.

Have you noticed how architectural details are very much like quilts? I spent the entire morning  taking pictures of iron railings, facades of buildings, beautiful doors and even stained glass windows.

So many people say choosing the fabric is the most difficult aspect of quilting.  For me I don't feel the quilt is complete unless I add a quilt block to applique, or applique a border to a beautiful collection of blocks. I love the detail in the architectural aspects of old buildings as in quilts. Look deeper than  the surface of what ever inspires you. Grab your camera and spend a day enjoying the craftsmanship of a period we no longer see in buildings.  Look for the details in tile, the curves in iron work, the symmetry that will make your quilt a beautiful piece of art. The art of quilting is more than the façade.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Look Twice Save a Life - Motorcycles are Everywhere!


It was a bit chilly for a ride but it was also good to get back on the road again.  We sold our bike when we moved to TN and Mr. came across a deal he could not refuse! I had to admit, I missed our bike too.

Mr. loves his new toy!

Quick visit to the Harley shop and museum.

Oh my gosh, do you remember these? Why did coke always taste better from these? Price .35 cents

Good meal on a cold day. So, we spent the afternoon with old friends and some new friends riding the roads in Kansas. Brian found a place for lunch serving BBQ pork as well as turkey. Very good food and nice and warm in the restaurant. Note to self: I need my chaps if we do this again while we are here.

Mr. checking out the Harley Museum.
I hope you stay alert for motorcycles when on the road. We certainly do, we are constantly on the watch for you. Yesterday, our first ride of the season three bikes and 6 people, we rode 3 staggered. Traveling on a local highway we went from 4 lanes to 2; out of the blue we had a woman pass the back bike, meeting a truck head-on, she had so little time to pass and cut between the last bike and us to whip out again and pass us as well as the lead bike (knuckleheads are everywhere!). She did all this to get to a little grocery store not 2 miles down the road! Our guardian angels were with us, please stay alert.

Stitching Traditions, Topeka, KS

So much has been going on I have had little time to sew, but I did find time to go by and visit a favorite quilt shop here in Topeka. We are just about ready for the auction on my mother-in-laws house and contents, so more time to play and visit favorites in the area.
 I took classes at Stitching Traditions when I lived in Topeka. It was so nice to see familiar faces and what a treat to walk in and find my favorite quilt instructor, Jane Buckley!  I took a "Strips and Curves" class from Jane using Louisa L Smith's Strips 'n Curves book.  Not only did Jane have great patience with me selecting my colors for my strata but she also taught me about color and placement. She is a fantastic teacher.

Strips 'n Curves: A New Spin on Strip Piecing

I was so proud to tell Jane I won a ribbon for this quilt!! Thank You Jane Buckley!

Stitching Traditions Topeka, KS


When I return to TN I am thinking about offering a class on this technique. I love it and I can't wait to make another.  Mine is pictured above.