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Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is around the corner, hear the hum?

You can tell spring is around the corner when you hear the hum of the big diesel engines. (no, not the hummingbirds, they come later) Cabin fever has forced  Mr. to get out of the house and start working on spring projects.  Even Holly (Holiday Rambler) has a smile on her face, he bought her new tire covers to cover those pretty new shoes she has. What girl doesn't like new shoes!! I think they painted the black curve intentionally up the side, but she sure smiles when she is in the driveway.

When we lived in KS we were a mile from Lake Shawnee and practically lived at the lake all spring and summer. Who cares if our house was 1 mile away, it was like vacation. To avoid the endless packing I do he waits until he last minute to tell me we are going to the lake. So, while I'm at work he takes Holly to the lake  and says with a big smile. She is all set up, just come on out and enjoy the day. WHAT! I don't have my "stuff".  What if I get bored, or it rains or, or,... 

He says he is not sneaky he just likes to surprise me, how romantic!  NOT, Could we be going somewhere? Well, he hasn't said but I'm getting my stuff together just in case.

He says I only need to take one machine! How can you pick? That's like saying only one of your children can go. I cant choose. I'll hide one in the carrier and tell him its my unfinished projects. Clothes are the same way. Spring, it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I will need jeans, capris and shorts. Tops to match and jackets just in case. Now shoes! Walking shoes, sandals, ummm I'll leave the boots, oh and slides/mules.

Food!! I forgot the food! I look in the motor home, oaky... we have beer, nuts and pretzels. He packed a pair of jeans and 2 pair of underwear!  He has his shoes on. MEN!

Finally he says he is only doing an overnight check to make sure everything is working before we plan a big trip. "Where are we going" I ask?  He said "Nowhere, we are plugged into the house"; unless you want to sleep in the driveway....  ~oh~~I can breathe again. Okay~~, I'll go put my stuff away.

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