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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"I'll tell you what!"

You know you are blessed when you have good friends and girlfriends are the best! As adjectives came to mind to describe my friend's, I had a thought~~ Have you ever considered the traits of a good friend are the same as our pets?~~ I know, that's just how my brain works.

  • high energy, full of spirit, full of fun
  • loyal
  • both are caring and seem to know how people are feeling
  • protective
  • love to sleep and we both love our snacks!
Okay, on with my story. A few of us met to have a day of fun and see "Dixie Swim Club" at the Cumberland County Playhouse . To quote one of my friends "We had a good belly laugh."  If you get a chance to see it, go with your girlfriends; it is great play about lifelong friends and the ups and downs of life.

I was raised primarily in the Low Country of South Carolina. My husband is a mid west boy from Kansas and during our married life we have moved more times than you have fingers. He says you can take the girl out of Dixie but you cant take Dixie out of the girl. He calls me "Grittly". Yep, just like the good ole southern food, grits!   I guess I have more grits in me than I thought. I am sure some of you are aware:
  • Some things just go without saying, TEA is sweet. You should not have to ask for sweet tea.
  • Cornbread is sweet
  • Grits "are" good for you.
  • use-ta-could - translation - I use to be able to do it but now I can't
  • use-ta-not- translation - There was a time I couldn't, but now I can
  • bottom upwards - translation- turn it over, bottom side UP!
  • I'll tell you what!
  • I'll slap you nekkid and hide your clothes."
  • AND "Bless your heart."
My brother "Rick"  has so many southern terms we check with the "Rictionary" if we are unsure of it's meaning. Have a great day and enjoy a good belly laugh.

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