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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Honky-Tonk.. I bet you haven't heard the word in a long time! (I think I'm showing my age) Well, Mr. and I took a day trip to Nashville to renew my military ID and "Get Out Of The House". You can only sew so much in this winter weather and I needed some fresh air and fabric anyway. WELL, "just by chance" there is a wholesale distributor for Marcus near Nashville so we took a detour before hitting the downtown area.  

Oh my gosh, how can I say with a straight face I will only be a minute then we will go eat. (I did it)

You know I'm an antique junkie and there was no way I was going to Nashville and miss the chance of going to Antique Archaeology (you know the show on TV, American Pickers, they have a shop in Nashville now)  I asked Mr. if he would check the address for me and I'll enter it in Gabby (my GPS) "Where do you want to go he asks", I tell him ~again~ you know, the show we see on TV, American Pickers", they have a shop in Nashville. I want to go. "Oh" he says, the show with Mike Wolfe", okay, I've got it. I enter it in Gabby and we are on our way.

 I think he only heard "Pickers" and "Nashville". What are we doing here? This is not Mike Wolfe's shop "Antique Archeology"

Okay, that's for another day. Let's eat.

First Stop: Broadway Brewhouse Downtown, great sandwiches and the best jalapeno mayo ever.

You cant walk 10 feet without hearing great music and open doors inviting you in, no cover charge and lots music to choose from. Either on the street or in a pub. For "dessert" we stopped in "Honky Tonk Central".

Isn't she a cute little thing. "Bless her Heart". Hmm, and I thought I was getting Pecan Pie (but the beer was good!)

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