Rusty Crow Primitives

Sunday, February 23, 2014

UFO's, PIG's and WIP's are taking over my sewing room!

I have decided this week to take my ETSY shop off-line for a couple of months and spend time with the love of my life enjoying the things we promised each other we would do when we retired. Thank God we are healthy and hopefully have many years ahead of us, but sometimes the little things in life get in our way of just living.

I found I can spend hours in my sewing room working on so many projects for my shop and shuffle my own  UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks) and WIPs (Works In Progress) under the bed or the worse yet, take fabric from a PIG to work on a UFO! OH NO, that is a big no, no!

I have a few UFO's to finish for the shop then off to my own projects; my wildflower garden, hiking these amazing TN trails in our beautiful mountains, enjoying the water falls and streams, touring this beautiful country we live in.

 I'll keep my blog going on our adventures and in a few months I'll be back in my shop. 
My wish for you too is to dance like no one is watching!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is around the corner, hear the hum?

You can tell spring is around the corner when you hear the hum of the big diesel engines. (no, not the hummingbirds, they come later) Cabin fever has forced  Mr. to get out of the house and start working on spring projects.  Even Holly (Holiday Rambler) has a smile on her face, he bought her new tire covers to cover those pretty new shoes she has. What girl doesn't like new shoes!! I think they painted the black curve intentionally up the side, but she sure smiles when she is in the driveway.

When we lived in KS we were a mile from Lake Shawnee and practically lived at the lake all spring and summer. Who cares if our house was 1 mile away, it was like vacation. To avoid the endless packing I do he waits until he last minute to tell me we are going to the lake. So, while I'm at work he takes Holly to the lake  and says with a big smile. She is all set up, just come on out and enjoy the day. WHAT! I don't have my "stuff".  What if I get bored, or it rains or, or,... 

He says he is not sneaky he just likes to surprise me, how romantic!  NOT, Could we be going somewhere? Well, he hasn't said but I'm getting my stuff together just in case.

He says I only need to take one machine! How can you pick? That's like saying only one of your children can go. I cant choose. I'll hide one in the carrier and tell him its my unfinished projects. Clothes are the same way. Spring, it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I will need jeans, capris and shorts. Tops to match and jackets just in case. Now shoes! Walking shoes, sandals, ummm I'll leave the boots, oh and slides/mules.

Food!! I forgot the food! I look in the motor home, oaky... we have beer, nuts and pretzels. He packed a pair of jeans and 2 pair of underwear!  He has his shoes on. MEN!

Finally he says he is only doing an overnight check to make sure everything is working before we plan a big trip. "Where are we going" I ask?  He said "Nowhere, we are plugged into the house"; unless you want to sleep in the driveway....  ~oh~~I can breathe again. Okay~~, I'll go put my stuff away.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tied in Faith, Sent in Hope, Wrapped in Love

When you make and give a Quilt, you are comforting someone in need.
I sew with 3 different groups, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (SOTH), Cumberland County Piecemakers, and The Cumberland Cove group. Each group give so many quilts every year to local organizations in need; veterans, families in need, teen pregnancy support groups and last but not least, world relief. I think quilters are some of the most generous people I have ever met. 
Here are some of the quilters from SOTH:
 Sew simple, can you tie? Cut fabric blocks? You too can wrap the world in love and warmth, give some time to a local organization in your area, there is such a need.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Quiet Beauty of a Snowfall

I know we are all so tired of winter, myself included. But... I had to go out and take a short hike in the woods around our house early this morning. So quiet... so beautiful. God's wonders.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


I wish I were so lucky to capture this beautiful photo of cardinals, it was sent to us by Deb Lewis in Kansas.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quilts of Many Colors

I met with some friends on Monday for a sew-in, it was such a treat. I haven't seen them in a while and brought some handwork with me. We had a great day of quilting and catching up on everyone's latest projects. I wanted to share some of their work with you. Such a diverse group of women and it reflects in their choice of color and style of quilts also.
Barb is still stripping!!
Beautiful and colorful strip blocks. A great way to use scraps.

Katherine checking out Ginny's beautiful quilt.  Love the colors and star variations!

Can you believe she thinks this is "Ugly". As Phil would say this is "happy, happy, happy" not ugly.

Katherine and her present for her hubby. Shh, don't tell.

Look at the applique, this is not a panel. Every piece is applied and appliqued.

Verda is working on a quilt for a lady (I'm sorry I don't have her name) I was amazed, this was all done by hand. Every last stitch was embroidered to make this beautiful peacock. Verda is adding the delectable mountain borders, what a great choice for this quilt Verda. This is going to be a prize winning quilt for sure.

I just could not get over it. Look at the detail.

This is not machine embroidered, all done by hand.
I hope you enjoyed these works of art, they are so different and all have a story and a personality just like the owners. It really makes you think about how diverse we are and our interest in needlework techniques is as varied as the quilt maker. Thank you girls for the invite, it was so much fun to see what you are working on.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"I'll tell you what!"

You know you are blessed when you have good friends and girlfriends are the best! As adjectives came to mind to describe my friend's, I had a thought~~ Have you ever considered the traits of a good friend are the same as our pets?~~ I know, that's just how my brain works.

  • high energy, full of spirit, full of fun
  • loyal
  • both are caring and seem to know how people are feeling
  • protective
  • love to sleep and we both love our snacks!
Okay, on with my story. A few of us met to have a day of fun and see "Dixie Swim Club" at the Cumberland County Playhouse . To quote one of my friends "We had a good belly laugh."  If you get a chance to see it, go with your girlfriends; it is great play about lifelong friends and the ups and downs of life.

I was raised primarily in the Low Country of South Carolina. My husband is a mid west boy from Kansas and during our married life we have moved more times than you have fingers. He says you can take the girl out of Dixie but you cant take Dixie out of the girl. He calls me "Grittly". Yep, just like the good ole southern food, grits!   I guess I have more grits in me than I thought. I am sure some of you are aware:
  • Some things just go without saying, TEA is sweet. You should not have to ask for sweet tea.
  • Cornbread is sweet
  • Grits "are" good for you.
  • use-ta-could - translation - I use to be able to do it but now I can't
  • use-ta-not- translation - There was a time I couldn't, but now I can
  • bottom upwards - translation- turn it over, bottom side UP!
  • I'll tell you what!
  • I'll slap you nekkid and hide your clothes."
  • AND "Bless your heart."
My brother "Rick"  has so many southern terms we check with the "Rictionary" if we are unsure of it's meaning. Have a great day and enjoy a good belly laugh.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Honky-Tonk.. I bet you haven't heard the word in a long time! (I think I'm showing my age) Well, Mr. and I took a day trip to Nashville to renew my military ID and "Get Out Of The House". You can only sew so much in this winter weather and I needed some fresh air and fabric anyway. WELL, "just by chance" there is a wholesale distributor for Marcus near Nashville so we took a detour before hitting the downtown area.  

Oh my gosh, how can I say with a straight face I will only be a minute then we will go eat. (I did it)

You know I'm an antique junkie and there was no way I was going to Nashville and miss the chance of going to Antique Archaeology (you know the show on TV, American Pickers, they have a shop in Nashville now)  I asked Mr. if he would check the address for me and I'll enter it in Gabby (my GPS) "Where do you want to go he asks", I tell him ~again~ you know, the show we see on TV, American Pickers", they have a shop in Nashville. I want to go. "Oh" he says, the show with Mike Wolfe", okay, I've got it. I enter it in Gabby and we are on our way.

 I think he only heard "Pickers" and "Nashville". What are we doing here? This is not Mike Wolfe's shop "Antique Archeology"

Okay, that's for another day. Let's eat.

First Stop: Broadway Brewhouse Downtown, great sandwiches and the best jalapeno mayo ever.

You cant walk 10 feet without hearing great music and open doors inviting you in, no cover charge and lots music to choose from. Either on the street or in a pub. For "dessert" we stopped in "Honky Tonk Central".

Isn't she a cute little thing. "Bless her Heart". Hmm, and I thought I was getting Pecan Pie (but the beer was good!)