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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just keep on swimming

Silly things make me laugh and song lyrics come to mind when certain events are going on in my life. We have been running every which way since the holidays. I'm working on special orders in-between the commitments we obligated ourselves too locally but time just flies.

Remember the movie "Finding Nemo?" Dory sings it.. so now I sing it!! I can't get it out of my head.   Keep on Swimming  Lots of work in the house, around the house, and in my shop but we just keep on swimming....

New Mini Quilts!! here are just a few coming to Sew Southern Quilts soon and as always, I sell locally also. Crossville, TN, Just send me an e-mail. I love the chenille bunny, the cutter quilt Easter eggs and the heart flag. Daisy's are my absolute favorite flower and the chocolate bunny holding a daisy is my favorite of all. These are all my designs and I really enjoy the creative side of what I do. These are in the beginning stage but you get an idea.

 My sister-in-law in SC makes the best homemade bread. This is her recipe and I made yesterday. So good!!

Just keep on swimming.


  1. that bread looks delicious Melissa. care to share the recipe.


    She got it from All Recipes, Amish White Bread, easy peasy!