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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Color outside the lines and dare to soar alone

Oh my gosh, really, it's 2014! Where has the time gone?
I made a decision (not a resolution mind you, but a decision) to complete some of my own UFO's (Unfinished Objects) this year. I have so many projects (big quilts) started and I have a bad habit of setting them aside in favor of a new and shinier project that comes along. I take on large projects for myself and my attention span to one large project is obviously very limited or else I wouldn't have tubs of quilts that need to be quilted or just finish the binding for goodness sake.
So for my first completed UFO in 2014!! I only had to add the binding to this twin size quilt. I have had it for over 3 years, it was quilted and just needed the binding.  Done (check)
 I think that is why I love the work I do in my ETSY shop so much. The wall hangings, table runners and mini quilts can take any where from a day to a week to complete then I am off and running to the next line of fabric or designing my next quilt layout. I think that is where I have so much fun, playing with fabrics, color and the "design" aspect of quilting.  I can buy a pattern but for some reason I can not follow a pattern. The pattern may be a jumping off point for me but I love to soar alone and enjoy coloring outside the lines.

Decorating my home is no different. I found this China Hutch and had to have it. I wanted my antique quilts displayed but behind glass to protect them and this piece was perfect. Tall ceilings? Not a problem, stack baskets to fill the space until something else comes along.

Speaking of baskets, I love, love this new table runner. I will get this quilted this week and on my ETSY site. Sew Southern Quilts  This one is long and is a beautiful addition for a primitive or country table for Easter as well as year round. Lots of little blocks in beautiful Civil War Reproduction fabrics. $58

Finally found a way to display my bowls and my mothers baby doll quilt. See it on the pie safe door?
Hang quilts anywhere you like. Color outside the lines, soar alone and find time to finish some of the UFO's you have in life.  Explore who you are in 2014.


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