Rusty Crow Primitives

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I know, I know. It is colder elsewhere in the US than it is in Tennessee this week; (last week too but who is counting) but seriously... Baby It's Cold Outside!

So, what else is there to do but quilt? And quilt I did! I have been playing with quilt blocks all week (last week too remember!~~cold~~) and I just love the cute seasonal mini quilts I made. I have a few more to finish this weekend. The nice thing about miniature quilts is you can change them out  for each season or even each month.  I can not draw, sketch or paint but give me fabric and my sewing machine and I can create spring, fall and summer all on a winters day. I hope you enjoy what I'm working on and stop in my shop and look around.  Stay warm and think spring!
Clothesline Quilts sell for $10-$12 and the Clothesline Quilt Stand sells for $9.75


  1. Thank you, I cant keep them in and have orders for more. I wanted something you could change out with each season and this works well.