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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces of Family Heirlooms

My husband's family is from NE Kansas; a group of hardworking men and women who made successful lives off of the land.  In the past year we have lost two hard working and intelligent women from the "Clem" side of the family. One was my husband's 100 year old Aunt Mabel and the other was my Mother-in-law, Arline. They had a sister named Donna, who passed a number of years ago. Aunt Donna's family farmed all her life in Corning, KS and she was a member of a small community church; the church would hold an annual bazaar and auction to raise funds for the church.  Although my mother-in-law did not quilt she purchased some of the quilts at the bazaar and auction, often participating in a friendly family bidding war against her 3 other sisters for a chance to own one of these heirlooms. Although Aunt Mabel, Aunt Donna and Arline are gone, we are blessed to have Aunt Hilda the last of the 4 sisters, she is a joy and a treasure to our family. If you are lucky enough to have such women in your life take time to talk with them, learn from them and appreciate what they have done to make our lives so much richer.

History of the quilts: It was commonplace for many family members in the same community to sit around the quilt frame and hand quilt these quilts. So many hours and hands working on "one" quilt. Just to know my husband's great grandmother, grandmother, aunts and cousins lives are woven into these quilts is a treasure, but to have the collection I have is priceless. Thank goodness my mother-in-law held onto them. I hope you enjoy the collection.




Are you bored? Just a few more to go!

The history of families sewn into quilts one patch or one stitch at a time, and the legacy of the art of quilting, passed on from generation to generation. (Quilt Discovery Experience)


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