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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mega Quilter Husqvarna and Inspira frame $625 SOLD- Ho Ho Ho

I love it but just don't have the room. As you can see I am elbows to elbows to the wall and need more room. If you are looking for good machine and quilt frame for an excellent price of $625  SOLD contact me thru e-mail at I think the machine and frame are about 8 years old.

The Mega Quilter is a great general sewing and piecing machine and combined with the Inspira frame is a mid arm quilting machine. The Inspira frame is the model that has the table for the pantos on the top so you can have it against the wall because you do everything from the front of the machine. The frame can be set up as 5 foot or 10 foot. It includes a stitch regulator ("Quilters Cruise Control)a free motion foot and standard foot.

I found a video on "youtube" of someone quilting on this machine model.
Harp space is 9"
LOVE the Cruise Control
View of Machine
 Nice stitches
Plenty of room for a full or queen quilt.

I have a lot of pantographs I will give you with this machine.

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