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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Ribbon

We received some devastating news last week. My Mother-in-law has cancer and a short time left with us. We will continue to love her and cherish her while we have her but somehow this cruel diagnosis allows us time to live, love, laugh and make more memories, we have time.

Thinking about the past week and all the emotions we as a family are experiencing, I began reading comments of other experiencing the same heartache. I came upon this writing from an individual on the internet and it sums up how I feel. Thank you Mike Mennonno.

The following is from Mike Mennonno, a freelance writer.  (website)

Strange as it may seem, as terrible as a prognosis of six months to a year is, it could be worse. Here's what I mean. When someone dies suddenly, without warning, you don't get to have one last trip to the ballpark with them. You don't get to sit and hold their hand and watch Jeopardy! and shout out the answers together. You don't get to tell them you love them, to hold them, to hear the stories they have to tell, to be with them through a momentous passage. To laugh and joke, weep, argue and fuss. To live.
Always remember: this moment is a gift.

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