Rusty Crow Primitives

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Help

I checked out an audio book from our local library to keep me company as I drove to KS. I really thought I would be able to finish it on the drive out and back. (12 hours each way). Didn't happen, I get to sleepy, guess I'm like a fat cat in the sun. Put me in a warm car on a sunny day and I just want to curl up and sleep, not to mention someone else reading to me!! Man... I had to stop the car and take a walk as well as find something more lively to listen to. By the way the book is good; very thought provoking and humorous.

So, here I am at home again with my book. I'm only on the 6th CD out of 15!! But I have work to do today and need to get back on board with my fall and winter table runners. I decided I'm going to make more runners that can also be wall hangings. I have done this in the past and I have been told they are always appreciated as gifts during the holiday's.

So enjoy your day, mine is going to be busy.
New fall runner in the works.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In Memory of Mabel Asenath Clem Henderson 1912 - 2013

Aunt Mabel, such a beautiful person. She always, and I mean always, had a smile and a kind word for everyone she met. She was a woman ahead of her times. I loved to hear her stories and see her beautiful hand work. In addition to quilting she loved painting, embroidery, and crocheting. Her beautiful work lives on and her love of books and learning can be an inspiration to all of us.

Aunt Mabel and my husband on her 100th Birthday. She was an amazing woman and like a second Mom to my husband. She will be missed.

Mabel Asenath Clem Henderson, of Topeka, passed away

She was born October 7, 1912 at Corning, KS, passed away Sunday, September 22, 2013 at Oakley Place, Topeka.
From an interview in 2009 conducted by the Topeka, KS Public Library, in her words, her life.
Bookmobile patron's life has been a wild ride
Mabel Henderson only uses the bookmobile these days.
"I used to go to the main library once in a while, but, now I only drive where I have to," she says.
Mabel, who will be 97 this month, says she has come to the bookmobile ever since she moved to
Topeka following retirement.
Mabel's youthful face and demure manner belie her age and her business-oriented past. A farm girl
from the small community of Corning, Kansas, Mabel attended the Strickler Business College in
Topeka. Mabel was always a good student - she skipped sixth grade - and she was determined to make her way. Little time passed before she was lugging a typewriter to the Topeka Post Office to take the Civil Service Exam. She was soon after hired to do the Works Progress Administration payroll -another notch on Mabel's belt as the WPA had served to jump-start the economy during the
"My dad lost our farm during the Depression, but got it back," she remembers proudly.
But, war was coming and in January 1942, when war was declared, Mabel left for the East Coast to
join the Internal Revenue Service. (A short five years later, Mabel would become the
right-hand woman - Administrative Assistant - to the Assistant Commissioner of the IRS in
Philadelphia.)"It was quite a trauma for a little Kansas farm girl to get on the train and go to Washington, D.C.." She smiles a winsome smile. "I remember the struggle to change trains in Chicago, and when I arrived in D. C. and was fingerprinted at the Treasury Office, I thought, 'What am I doing here?'" She laughs, remembering the girl she was.
Three months after she arrived in Washington, she was transferred to New York City where her office would be in the Empire State Building.
"I was on the 22nd floor the day the plane crashed into the building."
It was July 1945 and a dense fog confused the pilot of a B-25 "Billy Mitchell" bomber that crashed
into the 79th floor. The building wobbled and after it stopped, Mabel looked around to find she was
alone."My boss had rounded up everyone but me, and taken them to the center of the building. A Navy boy stopped at the drugstore and got some first-aid supplies and went through our building, finding those who were hurt and helping them. We saw an engine on the roof of the building across the street, and there was a big fire." Her eyes film over a little, as if seeing it again.
"The Catholic Charity girls were killed that day," she whispers as a little shiver visibly runs through
her. "I really don't like remembering that time."
Mabel does like to reminisce about her husband, a World War II veteran, who later assembled the
computer that put John Glenn into space. That computer now resides in the Smithsonian. Lavern B.
Henderson died in 2006. The couple had been married since 1950.
"He was a character," Mabel laughs, and her eyes regain their twinkle.
Mable has many thoughts about the secret of longevity: Eat properly, work hard and exercise, say
your prayers, take one day at a time, and, of course - read, read, read.

She would have been 101 October 7th, 2013.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thread Catchers by Sew Southern Quilts

Time to play with fabric again. When I first started making my thread catchers I used only two coordinating fabrics. Then I found I had a piece or two of one of "my favorites" and of course the line of fabric would be discontinued, so I was unable to order more.  But, I really wanted to use that fabric, so I stared using 3 and 4 fabrics in my thread catchers. ( I was going to use it one way or another.) Little did I know, my customers would love the look also.

I knew my design was a hit when I filled an order for 20 thread catchers a while back for a shop in Gastonia, NC called May Jo's Cloth Store. This shop is on my quilt shop bucket list, look for my thread catchers if you visit them. Mary Jo's Cloth Store

My inventory on Thread Catchers is so low in my shop I need to get to work on them. So today it will be a thread catcher day or two.... When I run across a combination of fabrics I like, I bundle them together so I don't have to pull out everything to find something I like.  Just any FYI, these little bags are great for cross stitchers and scrap-bookers also.

I think the funniest story came from a customer, she wanted a thread catcher made with  masculine fabric. She was going to give it to her husband to put the remote control in and hang it on his chair. He would lay the remote control down by his side and take a nap with the chair reclined.  The remote control would disappear in the crack of the chair. No one else could use it in fear of waking him up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day and the Honey Do List

   Labor Day gives laborers a day of rest but a HONEY-DO-LIST is never done. It is like the fruit cake that just gets passed around.

I found this quote today and the first thing that came to mind is my philosophy on keeping my hands and mind busy.
God give me work, till my life shall end
And life, till my work is done.
Epitaph of Winifred Holtby

 When I see Mr. sitting around listing to the birds on the porch (taking a nap)   I think he is bored (Why? because he is usually going 90 to nothing all the time) so... I try to find him something to do. (You know, the Honey-do-list) Mr. tells me he is not "bored", he is "retired"  and he worked 40+ years to take this nap and he has no interest in me finding him something to do, he "was" very happy until I woke him up. Well..., okay.... but you look bored.

Well, Guess what, Mr. has been busy with extended family issues and I have a "Honey-do-list!! What!! do I look bored? (Hmmm... I think he is trying to tell me something)

Well, surfing the net... I call it work. I was looking for patterns for fall.  I found a wool pattern with a star and sheep and fell in love with it. I made some changes to mine, but here is the site if you are interested in the pattern. Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin

This inspired me to do additional primitive patterns. I love the crow. Primitive Crow, Mini Quilt, Sew Southern Quilts


Well, is was a good idea until I quilted it. I don't like the back now at all.  Do-Over.

Yuck, don't like this at all.

Look at this bag, so many primitive patterns in one place. Inspiration!! I told you it is everywhere!

Look at the leaves I found today, early signs of fall. Had to pull fall fabrics to match the leaves, the colors are so beautiful.

And another one. Look at the rusty orange, brown and green?
Oh how pretty, after I get my "Honey-do-list" done tomorrow I am going to work on this!!
But, then again, I may just listen to the birds on the porch tomorrow instead.