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Friday, August 2, 2013

Repurpose, Reuse, Refinish, REJOICE in the hunt

I am hopeless; this was my second day on the 127 sale route ("root" or "rout") Guess it all depends on where y'all are from.

I spent Thursday with my quilt buddy and past partner in Mountain Laurel Gift shop, Joanna W. Visit her shop and blog. Joanna is a wonderful teacher and crafts person, I love her primitive style and have quiet a few of her ornies in my home. Oh, Joanna accepts custom orders so stop in her shop or take a look around her blog. You have to see her dolls and ornies, they are adorable.

We met at Cracker Barrel and had the breakfast of champions (I bet you thought we ate grits...) then be began the "hunt" for whatever each of us had on our list.

To quote William Shakespeare:

Over hill, over dale,
Through bush, through briar,
Over park, over pale,
Through blood, through fire,
I do wander everywhere...

We had such a good day and oh my gosh, there is too much to mention so I'll share with you some photos of my finds and our visit to the General Store for an ice-cream break ( we have to keep up our strength) Stop by Joanna's blog and see what she found, you will see some of it soon in her shop.
Joanna on the hunt...

General Store, time for ice cream and I am not kidding they put a pint of ice cream on a cone!

Inside the general store. I love this place. Cumberland Mountain General Store

Joanna caught me, I'm checking out the quilts again.

Ice-cream parlor in the back of the Cumberland Mountain General Store.

(oh, and in-between all of the shopping and haggling over treasures the past two days, I managed to complete the cutest wall hanging for Autumn.)

Today (Friday) at 8:00 am  I met my good friend Barbara G for today's "hunt". Barb is an awesome quilter and has won awards for her beautiful quilts and my favorite is her Civil War Quilt; she included the battles of each block in detail on the back of the quilt. Now for the funny part, she hates civil war fabrics and is not in love with that beautiful quilt... WHAT?? It is perfect, it really is a must see and it must have given her a fit going together. Did I mention she is a new quilter and accomplished such a beautiful quilt. Well, the reason for this story is Barb gifted me with a bag full of civil war fabrics left over from that quilt. I wasn't even on the road yet for treasures and I received a beautiful treasury of fabrics. Thank you so much Barb. See Barbs Quilt- Award for Best Piecing

So, back to the story, we meet at Cracker Barrel, (I see a pattern here) but, we didn't eat. We packed our breakfast bars and cold water and we were off... We were on a mission, traveling at breakneck speed of 25 miles per hour, bumper to bumper traffic on a 2 lane road, but we were off and running on this beautiful TN morning. (Puttering along in second gear) Climbing the TN hills and winding around pedestrians crossing willy nilly  between cars. My mission today was... well, I didn't really have one, but I knew it was meant for me when I saw it. By days end... poor Barb was carrying my "treasures" and my poor little Fiat was stuffed to the hatch door with a crib mattress (for the seat of my bench my husband made me) mason jars, large pillows, enamel wear, electrical insulators (Mr. collects them) and a few more finds.
This crib mattress fits my bench perfectly! I found all these pillows for $8, mason jars, electrical insulators, enamel wear, flour sifter (I'm making something with it) and the cute little picture.

This was a find, look at the box of flowers, $3, two chicken plates, a cute little shelf I'll paint black and rough up for $1 and a cast iron corn-muffin pan. Don't you love the tied burlap and flowers, burlap must be big this year. We saw a guy selling a stack  of burlap 5 foot tall.

I have fabric to cover the mattress and the pillows. This is a big bench. I don't think I bought a twin headboard and foot board. Hmmm. Maybe it was a full. Mr. is awesome, he did such a nice job on the bench for me. I love it!!

What a wonderful few days with good friends and good finds. Time to go through my beautiful fabrics Barb gave me and begin work on a new quilt and table runner.

OH, I almost forgot. I bought Mr. something. He says I only buy him "work". Are hedge trimmers work? I thought he would like a tool.

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