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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inspiration for quilts is everywhere...

Wow, is it really July already? I so enjoy summer; catching up with family and friends and taking time to do the things we love.  But for me my favorite season is autumn.  Although it is July, I begin to pull fabrics, sort through patterns and look through last autumn’s pictures for inspiration for this year designs.

Mr. hikes with a group every week and has hiked some of the trails  numerous times, so by the time he and I go, he is on a mission to show me whatever spectacular,  natural phenomenon  there is to see. Kind of like taking a day trip to see what the area has to offer. Some of the leisurely drives we take are like the hikes we take.  We are on a mission; I’m not even sure what the spectacular phenomenon is we are in a hurry to see but it is out there and we are going to find it.  So, to say I slow Mr. down when we hike or take detours for a quilt shop on a day trip is an understatement.  So you will understand when you see what I saw on our hike last fall. Yes we saw the Twin Arches and the hostiles but I also found….. inspiration for quilts. Look at the colors and shapes in nature and take inspiration from what is natural around you.

Winter Barn

This is one of the hostels. Hike we took, Twin Arches. See link above.


My little cabin in the woods.



Natures drinking cup for little birds.
Hard to see, but the tree has grown around the rock.
I called it my CHIA PET!! Moss on a rock.

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