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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I killed another Iron...

I killed another iron!! 4 this year!!
 As a quilter, my iron is as close to me as my sewing machine and my rotary cutter. There are just some things you cannot live without and my iron is my BFF. As a small appliance I treat it with love and respect as I do my iced tea maker. I clean it out, I dump out the water and I use it every day.  I have to have these two items in my life to function. My mom bought me my tea maker on my 40th birthday many moons ago, (how old is it you ask? you only need to know it has outlived my irons)  I have had Rowenta’s, Sharks, Black and Decker’s, and Hamilton Beach; heaven only knows what else has been through my sewing room. They come to my house and their life span is sooooo short. I don’t care what the manufacture says about the life span of an iron and the added warranty I can purchase, an iron in my home is like having a moth for a pet and a bug light for a night lite. They just don’t make it.

I have raised a child, who is a wonderful person, two cats that lived with me for 18 years (isn’t that old for a cat?) and we had a wonderful Doberman named Gus who lived a long good life.  Irons…. They don’t live. So off to the store I go again to buy “another” iron. I almost feel bad about bringing it home.
One wont steam, one wont heat up and one spits!!

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