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Monday, July 15, 2013

Daisy Days almost gone...

I was working on fall wall hangings and sketching out ideas so I wouldn’t forget. I have so many patterns either I made or purchased of pumpkins, scarecrows and sunflowers. I just couldn’t wait to get into my fall fabrics and play. I love what I do and each season is like Christmas, it may come around every year, but every year is new and fresh. So as I type….. My husband calls me outside to look at my wildflower garden, particularly my daisies. (They are my favorite flower) The rain and wind have beaten them up but their little heads are held high. I cut a couple and a few flowers from the butterfly bush also and put them in a mason jar in my sewing room. It made me realize how fast the summer season is flying by. SO…. and I have to make at least one more summer wall hanging, then back to my favorite season “FALL”.


 I remembered seeing a pattern somewhere of a daisy in a jar and I couldn’t find it for the world. So, in comes my “great art” work. (My art is pretty bad so when you see this you will wonder how in the world was I able to come up with a wall hanging from that sketch)  Now as a side note, I draw things out for Mr. in an attempt to show him what I want him to make me and what it will look like when it is done. Poor fella, you will see what he has to work with (ME) Hmmm, I think that may be why he likes to take 8 and 10 mile hikes.
Using a picture of a mason jar for an applique pattern, I then printed "daisies 5 cents " in word and with the handy little sketch to the right side of the mason jar...(see it?) I was well on my way. I had to make my own pattern but I like it!!

Coming soon to SEW SOUTHERN QUILTS ON etsy
Oh, and wait until you see my new FALL Wall Hangings!! .... look at all these great pictures I drew for fall!!


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