Rusty Crow Primitives

Monday, July 29, 2013

HWY 127 -World's Longest Yard Sale "AND" it runs right thru my little town!! Oh My Gosh!!

I can't get my work done fast enough in my ETSY shop so I can go check out all the vendors and the rusty, dusty, and old treasures they bring to TN every year. If you haven't experienced this event it should be on your bucket list. (Oh, that's right; I want a wooden bucket with a metal handle. Note to self) the official start of the World's Longest Yard Sale- East TN begins August 1- 4th and covers 690 MILES!  Starting 5 Miles North of Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama!               

The SALE officially starts on the first Thursday in August through the following Sunday. BUT.... the vendors come in early and set up their tents this week. I can’t find enough excuses to run to town every day for "something from the grocery store". HWY 127 runs right through Main Street in Crossville!! Imagine that!! I just have to take a detour to see what treasures await me; Old quilts, rusty buckets, wooden boxes (OH, I found one today... shhh!) Mason jars old ladders for displaying quilts, antiques, vintage textile bobbins and vintage signs. Honestly, you would not believe the items that are brought in from all over the US for this sale. I can shop the sale 25 miles North and 25 miles South of Crossville and come home with so many treasures. My quilt buddies (Joanna and Barb G) and I go each year and have plans to do the same again this year. We have a wonderful time and spend at least two or three days going through junk. I think my favorite places are from Crossville, north on 127, to the  Cumberland Mountain General Store.  This is where a hub of vendors set up with antiques around the store and they have "the best" ice cream and fudge in the county!!

Here is a sneak peak of what I found so far at the sale and it has yet to officially start!! Mr. asked "What took you so long at the grocery store?".... Well...I had to stop and see what they had at the new tent. When I left the house my plan was to go to the grocery store to get milk and eggs and ....

Only one of many, many, vendors setting up for the sale.
Vintage 1976 Ball Mason Jars with paperwork!!  Great to hold buttons in my sewing room. I love this find.
Old Wooden Winchester Ammunition Box, great for dried flowers and gourds on the table this fall.
This was on my "gotta have it" list but I left it. (Only because I was driving the FIAT) Oh, I hope it is there when I go to the grocery  store tomorrow to get "bread". I forgot it today. (shhh!)
My hubby is so sweet. This was a twin headboard and footboard I found at a neighborhood yard sale and he made me a bench. See, my treasures are awesome. He calls them work... hmmm wonder why.
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I have to make the cushion now!! The one in the background is too small.

Friday, July 19, 2013

ETSY TEAM, Share & Win Give-Away Contest! Hurry, time is running out.

I am a member of this great team on ETSY and we are having a Give-Away you wont believe. Register to win and take a look at all the beautiful items available from some of ETSY's best artisans.  I am so proud to be a member of the team. If you have time, stop by my shop and take a look around.

Share & Win Give-Away Contest!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I killed another Iron...

I killed another iron!! 4 this year!!
 As a quilter, my iron is as close to me as my sewing machine and my rotary cutter. There are just some things you cannot live without and my iron is my BFF. As a small appliance I treat it with love and respect as I do my iced tea maker. I clean it out, I dump out the water and I use it every day.  I have to have these two items in my life to function. My mom bought me my tea maker on my 40th birthday many moons ago, (how old is it you ask? you only need to know it has outlived my irons)  I have had Rowenta’s, Sharks, Black and Decker’s, and Hamilton Beach; heaven only knows what else has been through my sewing room. They come to my house and their life span is sooooo short. I don’t care what the manufacture says about the life span of an iron and the added warranty I can purchase, an iron in my home is like having a moth for a pet and a bug light for a night lite. They just don’t make it.

I have raised a child, who is a wonderful person, two cats that lived with me for 18 years (isn’t that old for a cat?) and we had a wonderful Doberman named Gus who lived a long good life.  Irons…. They don’t live. So off to the store I go again to buy “another” iron. I almost feel bad about bringing it home.
One wont steam, one wont heat up and one spits!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Daisy Days almost gone...

I was working on fall wall hangings and sketching out ideas so I wouldn’t forget. I have so many patterns either I made or purchased of pumpkins, scarecrows and sunflowers. I just couldn’t wait to get into my fall fabrics and play. I love what I do and each season is like Christmas, it may come around every year, but every year is new and fresh. So as I type….. My husband calls me outside to look at my wildflower garden, particularly my daisies. (They are my favorite flower) The rain and wind have beaten them up but their little heads are held high. I cut a couple and a few flowers from the butterfly bush also and put them in a mason jar in my sewing room. It made me realize how fast the summer season is flying by. SO…. and I have to make at least one more summer wall hanging, then back to my favorite season “FALL”.


 I remembered seeing a pattern somewhere of a daisy in a jar and I couldn’t find it for the world. So, in comes my “great art” work. (My art is pretty bad so when you see this you will wonder how in the world was I able to come up with a wall hanging from that sketch)  Now as a side note, I draw things out for Mr. in an attempt to show him what I want him to make me and what it will look like when it is done. Poor fella, you will see what he has to work with (ME) Hmmm, I think that may be why he likes to take 8 and 10 mile hikes.
Using a picture of a mason jar for an applique pattern, I then printed "daisies 5 cents " in word and with the handy little sketch to the right side of the mason jar...(see it?) I was well on my way. I had to make my own pattern but I like it!!

Coming soon to SEW SOUTHERN QUILTS ON etsy
Oh, and wait until you see my new FALL Wall Hangings!! .... look at all these great pictures I drew for fall!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inspiration for quilts is everywhere...

Wow, is it really July already? I so enjoy summer; catching up with family and friends and taking time to do the things we love.  But for me my favorite season is autumn.  Although it is July, I begin to pull fabrics, sort through patterns and look through last autumn’s pictures for inspiration for this year designs.

Mr. hikes with a group every week and has hiked some of the trails  numerous times, so by the time he and I go, he is on a mission to show me whatever spectacular,  natural phenomenon  there is to see. Kind of like taking a day trip to see what the area has to offer. Some of the leisurely drives we take are like the hikes we take.  We are on a mission; I’m not even sure what the spectacular phenomenon is we are in a hurry to see but it is out there and we are going to find it.  So, to say I slow Mr. down when we hike or take detours for a quilt shop on a day trip is an understatement.  So you will understand when you see what I saw on our hike last fall. Yes we saw the Twin Arches and the hostiles but I also found….. inspiration for quilts. Look at the colors and shapes in nature and take inspiration from what is natural around you.

Winter Barn

This is one of the hostels. Hike we took, Twin Arches. See link above.


My little cabin in the woods.



Natures drinking cup for little birds.
Hard to see, but the tree has grown around the rock.
I called it my CHIA PET!! Moss on a rock.