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Sunday, June 2, 2013

UFO Update: The Patio is in....

Update on Mr's UFO (my ufo)
The hole is dug, the sand is shoveled and he laid the rock; now to let it settle. (We are good at this part) Now the big discussion is what to set the rock in, concrete, polymeric sand, patio sand (we have 2 ½ tons of that) it is a shame it’s not the kind I use in my thread catchers. Just kidding….  Now for the landscaping around it…. How about a fire pit? Oh, I guess that’s not landscaping. Okay..

 I even received a bonus when I started this project; Mr. also put my cast iron hand pump out for me. Look, he put a water pump in it also. He is such a sweetheart.
I just had to share pics of the Iris this year, they are so beautiful. Take time to enjoy a beautiful spring day and all the beautiful things around us.


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