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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bear's Paw Quilt Block 12 inch - I love scrap quilts.

I was unable to find a 12 1/2 bear's paw quilt block pattern that was not paper pieced.  I played with blocks and half square triangles until I was successful. (For someone who quilts as much as I do you would think I like math, NOT)We now have a 12 1/2 inch bear paw block. I'll post the cutting directions later. I'm excited to get going on it, this is going to be a nice block for a table runner. Did I say I hate math?
One thing about saving all my scraps, I have a variety of fabric colors to choose from.
 Hey, with a yard of fabric running $11 and $12 you save the scraps. I've been known to use the back side if the color is better on the back. The front cost the same as a back. Did you know that?


  1. Thanks Melissa! This is exactly what I was looking for. Every time I find a bear paw quilt block it is 6,8 or 10 inch! I get a little unsure of myself when I try to alter the size of a pattern! Can't wait to see whgat you do with this! It looks great already!

  2. Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

  3. I'm so excited to see this! Did you post the cutting directions yet? I couldn't find them. Thanks!