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Monday, May 6, 2013


Posting this made me think about my first car. Oh man was it a clunker... and on top of that I had to beg the guy to give me a car loan. He agreed and told me to look out the door and across the parking lot... I did.... He said "see that wrecker over there? I said “yes sir.” He told me her name was Happy Hooker and she would come get my car if I didn’t pay. That scared me death... I think I was 17 or 18 and never have forgotten my first clunker or “Happy Hooker.” AND, I was never late with my payment either.
I have so many projects started and need one thing or another to get them finished. I think the biggest thing I need is TIME and just a few things I dont have here in my shop to finish things up. I feel like I'm SPINNING MY WHEELS. Working hard and getting nowhere! It will come together, it always does.

I am working outside the box as they say. I love this fabric although it is outside of my normal colors. I need frames to finish my framed quilt block orders. I ordered 2 barn wood frames and 2 distressed frames, ordered from different individuals, and wouldn’t you know, not a one of them has shown up yet. Maybe they have to grow the tree first or tear down the barn. I didn’t ask… hmmmm. But this is really going to be pretty in a white frame.
I have a table runner class scheduled at Loretta’s Sewin’ Room in Monterey, TN the 8th of June and need to finish this runner… But I need buttons and white rick rack…. and get it finished!!
I found this pattern and fell in LOVE with it. I also found another scrappy runner or door banner with lots of blues. Stay tuned… Will it be shades blue or my favorites…. Scrappy everything.
I KNOW, I NEED TO GO SHOPPING for those things I need to finish up my items.

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