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Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering those who served and are serving...we thank you!

Today we remember those that have fought for and given their lives for our freedom. For those that have died in service and the great sacrifice of their loved ones. We honor those brave men and women that courageously defend our country today. We keep them and their families in our prayers not just today, but daily. We are proud of our military and their families for they daily give up so much to defend and protect us. It is because of those that are willing to stand up to protect our freedom that we are able to enjoy a free country. For all those that have served, and are serving we give you our heartfelt thanks. 
God bless America and our American troops, and their families. 
(This came to me from a fabric shop in Crossville, Little Blessings Quilt Shop, I thought this was a wonderful sentiment to share)

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