Rusty Crow Primitives

Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering those who served and are serving...we thank you!

Today we remember those that have fought for and given their lives for our freedom. For those that have died in service and the great sacrifice of their loved ones. We honor those brave men and women that courageously defend our country today. We keep them and their families in our prayers not just today, but daily. We are proud of our military and their families for they daily give up so much to defend and protect us. It is because of those that are willing to stand up to protect our freedom that we are able to enjoy a free country. For all those that have served, and are serving we give you our heartfelt thanks. 
God bless America and our American troops, and their families. 
(This came to me from a fabric shop in Crossville, Little Blessings Quilt Shop, I thought this was a wonderful sentiment to share)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my daughter and extended family in SC. I hope you all did as well. We spent our days on the pontoon fishing and relaxing; just being with family is awesome. My brother is a wonderful cook and my sister-in-law makes “the best” homemade bread!! No bread machine here, all done by hand. We had grilled blackened-redfish as well as good ole burgers and ribs and what I call "fat mac". Homemade mac and cheese with large elbow macaroni. Love that good old southern cookin. Okay girl, back to daily walks again….. I gain 10 lbs every time I go home.

Well, now that I am home, are you wondering what in the world am I working on? Special orders right now and I have so many fun things to come this summer. I just purchased a line of civil war fabrics for table runners, wall hangings and lap quilts; I love the colors in this collection. In addition to the civil war fabrics I bought tons of fat quarters for thread catchers.
 I received 3 special orders while I was away and all of them are going to be so much fun to work on.  I love playing with fabric so I hit the stores looking for just the right fabric for each one,  I am waiting on batiks for a lighthouse and ocean scene for one of them and greens for another but keep watching my shop, I will have them soon. All 3 are "new designs" for my shop but I love the opportunity to create for you.

I have been looking around local quilt shops and getting ideas from fellow quilters for new items for the shop, I have some surprises and new items coming soon. Thank all of you for your continued support of my shop and my love for quilting. If it were not for you my dream of having a successful shop would be just that, a dream. Your business is truly appreciated.

Patchwork Hugs

Two projects going at the same time. I love this project as it allows me to be creative. Bet you can not guess what it will be. What is that big brown thing on the left?

New civil war fabrics you will be seeing soon in my work.

Cabin in the woods, I need to finish this one, I have beautiful blues and browns for quilt stars. But it is another one of those UFO's. (UnFinished Objects)

See my note on the eagle? I asked Mr. to help me remember this eagle needs an eye before I quilt it. He put a note on it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Quilting is very personal, and quilting like any artistic endeavor, begs to be shared. Some quilts just catch the eye, some tell a story.  Remember Grandma’s quilts if you were lucky enough to have a quilter in your family. She would say, “This is a piece of your mama’s dress or this is Papa’s shirt”. So much love and time is spent on a quilt. There's something comforting about being wrapped in a quilt. I read somewhere where someone called them “patchwork hugs”.
I have my mother’s doll quilt; my grandmother made it for her and the blanket is stained and worn and has wonky blocks, but I love it.  It is not stored on a shelf or put away where it can not be enjoyed. It is out for all to see.  My Grandmother and Mother have long passed but I still can hold them close in memories and enjoy a piece of the past.

That may be why I love reproduction fabrics so much, as soon as you make the quilt, it looks old.

Patchwork hugs,

My Daughter and Son-in-Law.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Posting this made me think about my first car. Oh man was it a clunker... and on top of that I had to beg the guy to give me a car loan. He agreed and told me to look out the door and across the parking lot... I did.... He said "see that wrecker over there? I said “yes sir.” He told me her name was Happy Hooker and she would come get my car if I didn’t pay. That scared me death... I think I was 17 or 18 and never have forgotten my first clunker or “Happy Hooker.” AND, I was never late with my payment either.
I have so many projects started and need one thing or another to get them finished. I think the biggest thing I need is TIME and just a few things I dont have here in my shop to finish things up. I feel like I'm SPINNING MY WHEELS. Working hard and getting nowhere! It will come together, it always does.

I am working outside the box as they say. I love this fabric although it is outside of my normal colors. I need frames to finish my framed quilt block orders. I ordered 2 barn wood frames and 2 distressed frames, ordered from different individuals, and wouldn’t you know, not a one of them has shown up yet. Maybe they have to grow the tree first or tear down the barn. I didn’t ask… hmmmm. But this is really going to be pretty in a white frame.
I have a table runner class scheduled at Loretta’s Sewin’ Room in Monterey, TN the 8th of June and need to finish this runner… But I need buttons and white rick rack…. and get it finished!!
I found this pattern and fell in LOVE with it. I also found another scrappy runner or door banner with lots of blues. Stay tuned… Will it be shades blue or my favorites…. Scrappy everything.
I KNOW, I NEED TO GO SHOPPING for those things I need to finish up my items.