Rusty Crow Primitives

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Spring Project - Not for me but I started it!!

Mr. knows I am notorious for starting projects that he has to finish. So when he left for breakaway (building trail with TTA here in TN)  he asked (begged) me not start a project "he" had to finish when he came home. I really wanted to surprise him...... but....I had good intentions. All I did was move all the rock onto the grass where I wanted a patio to show him what it would look like.  Then I left it there and it killed the grass... oh boy. He came home and just smiled. I love that man.

I had to move the rock TWICE now so "he" could excavate the site and prep it for the patio.
I'm pretty sure I'll have to lay the rock when the site is ready. I think he is teaching me a lesson.
(he was a big help moving it or else it would still be on the grass) I told him he has a UFO now. We quilters have lots of UFO's. (UnFinished Objects) He reminded me it was my UFO. Oh boy!


  1. Just want to know if this project is finished? Want to see pictures of how it turns out. J

    1. Not yet. LOL You know how UFO's go.